Thursday, January 15, 2015

276 after Chibok, 1 day after IDP Act Jonathan visit Borno: connect the dots

Far be it that I will impute any unsavory motive to President Goodluck Jonathan visit to Borno today, I am sure he meant well by this visit. What I found curious is the fact that the president embarked on this trip, 276 days after the abduction of the Chibok girls and 1 day after the National Assembly passed an electoral law empowering the so called internally displaced persons to vote wherever they might be. (Possibly at any of the refugee camps in neighboring state ) without any PVC? I am just saying...

And I know the president meant well during this visit as he did not particularly visit Chibok, just as his godfather, former president Olusegun Obasanjo never visited the village of Odi, throughout his tenure. For those who don't know, Odi is one of the villages in Rivers state where Baba Iyabo commanded his private army called Presidential task force raze to the ground during his own regime. Jonathan however visited the place that matters in Borno, I mean at least it start to matter 24 hours prior to his visit, probably after he signed the amended electoral law. Here is the Punch newspaper quote on that visit
"Before leaving Maiduguri, Jonathan was also said to have visited over 900 displaced persons from Baga at the Maiduguri camp."

And here is the news report on the electoral Act amendment :
"Worried by happenings in the political circle as the nation prepares for the February general elections, the House of Representatives yesterday adopted the amendments of the Electoral Act. The Electoral Act Bill, which scaled through the third reading, would be harmonised with the Senate version before it is sent to the president for assent. While adopting recommendation of the ad-hoc committee, the House agreed on the insertion of a fresh Section 26 (1) that caters for the voting rights of Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, during future elections in the country...."

Here you go, if only the House had passed that amendment on time, the president would have visited Borno 276 days ago. Look at it this way, The president had no problem going to Hilltop mansion, Abeokuta, even if he is not invited as long as he can convince the occupant of the mansion, Baba Koko Below to vote for him. Every vote counts? Just saying...

Some folks unfairly criticized Jonathan, they say he is always on the campaign trail whenever there is going to be mass killing of Nigerian by terrorist, I just urge the president to ignore them. They said he was on a campaign spree in Kano when Boko Haram kidnapped and maimed people in the Northeast. Just ignore them! They said he was on campaign trail when they killed 2000 people. And he congratulated French people while ignoring the massacre in his own backyard...who are this people...don't they know "lest cest moi!" Well, to satisfy these so called nameless dem say, the president private army chief came out to say only 150 people were killed. What is 150 people compare to rented and paid crowd at Ibadan numbering thousands who could vote? Let them show the president the dead people PVC and see if the president will not acknowledge their death and he may even attend their funeral as part of the bargain.... Just saying...

I just want the president to continue to look for votes wherever they might be, whether at the cemetery, the morgue or the hospital he will need it, that one I know for sure. Every bloody vote counts! At least that is what chief Fanity Firekayode is telling him

In another news, youths from Bayelsa state warned Madam Patience to stay away from their state and not bring her Rivers state "wayo" ways to the president's home state. (I hope my friend the Imolite no catch them. ) What arrant nonsense? Shuo! Can you imagine anyone saying this about about Baba Iyabo 's wife or many of his concubine. Hear them:

“We are matured enough to know what is good for us. Nobody should come and bribe our poor mothers and women with expired bags of rice and some money in the name of politics to mislead our people.”

Expired Wetin? See me see trobulu o! Are they trying to call the current occupant of Aso rock, expired president? Tufiakwa! Dem go Hear wien! Just wait until the godogodo bring in the landslide vote like 1983!

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