Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lost and Floundering: the Sad State of Jonathan Administration

Lost and Floundering: the Sad State of Jonathan Administration

If you are a Nigerian in diaspora like me, chances are that you have been inundated by many of your friends and neighbors asking about your home country. The daily news about kidnap of the Chibok girls have internationalized our nightmare: the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan regime! What some of us bloggers and writers have been shouting at the top of our lungs for years has now become the chicken that came home to roost. For instance, while at an event yesterday with the Mayor of my city, here in the US, the city attorney approached me and whisper this question in my ears: "what is wrong with Nigerian president? How could he be that clueless? How can a nation with distinguished Nobel laureate and reputable scholars from all field of science and humanity be ruled by buffoonish characters like that guy? And by the way, what is wrong with asking for help when you are lost and in over your head?"

I could not answer any of these questions as I know any attempt to do so will get me overly emotional. Fact is the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan regime in Nigeria is not only lost it is floundering before our very eyes. It is shamelessly clueless and pathetically inept. We are now in a phase where we should begin to question the credibility of the few honest aide around him who are still supporting this corrupt and inept regime. It is time to remind the likes of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala that they and their reputations are going down with this sinking ship if they do not have enough gumption to bail out now. History will definitely judge them harshly as they stood by and watch the ship of the Nigerian nation flounders perilously. Even those sycophantic assistants and advisers who keep trotting the clueless leaders to dance in Kano while Abuja burns will surely pay for their crimes in future. They may be helping themselves to our treasuries with reckless abandon presently like bandit; the fact of the matter is they will surely pay one day!

What is more, those who foist Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on the Nigerian nation, the so called puppet master from Abeokuta need to remember that history will never forgive their selfish dictate. The record of their infamous imposition of the terminally ill Yaradua and his wife, followed by the educated illiterate called GEJ and his monstrous wife will forever inhere in Nigerian consciousness.

Many said Nigeria is a cursed nation. I beg to differ. Nigeria is a blessed nation saddled with crazed leaders whose god is their belly and their directive principle is avarice. The urge to loot is what brought us to a situation where a military once renowned all over the world for its bravery is now the joke of the whole world. Nigeria military has never been underfunded, the problem is not with budget of the ministry of defense but the misappropriation of those funds by successive regimes since the 1980s. The rot in our government has now affected the military just as it is rearing its ugly head in other institutions like judiciary and even sports ministry!

We may not get back the Chibok girls but can we at least have an honest conversations about the state of leadership in our dear country. A nation where the so called First Lady of Nigeria, a position unknown to our constitution, will order the arrest of protesters is a nation in peril. Lest call a spade a spade and stop labeling it an agricultural implement, the Jonathan regime is lost and unravelling before our very eyes. It is time to move on and start planning on how we as citizens could take our destiny in our hand and save our floundering ship. If the people of Ukraine could do it, we can too! We need to start making a demand on the future leaders of our country and abhor imposition of leaders by political godfathers.