Friday, October 31, 2014

Letter From Compaore to GEJ

Dear Jona,

I write to tell you about my dilemma and why I am on the run, so you won't make the same mistake I made. Power is sweet but when you get drunk with power , it's toxic it is dangerous. I thought I was safe, I surrounded myself with people who dare not tell me what I do not wish to hear. I appointed my "yes men" into power and they made out like bandits on the state treasury. They never tell me that our country men in Bobo Diallosou are unhappy and suffering. Each time I asked about the mood of the country they said all is well. Until recently I never knew there is such a high unemployment in our country.

My advice to you is to eschew all sycophancy and hand over power now! It is not worth it at all. You can only use ethnicity to divide and rule for so long. Now I am looking all over the world for a friendly country that will allow him to live as refugee. Even France where I stacked all my stolen loot will not let me in. Despite all the money I gave Holland for campaign during his election can you believe that he and his gendarme are using my own army against me? Please be careful, don't be fooled no matter what they tell you in Aso rock. Don't run next year, go back to Bayelsa and enjoy your money.

Blaise Compaore

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