Monday, April 15, 2013

Of palm wine, shrine, oath and family coup by Palmwine Drinkers Party of Nigeria stalwarts

Below is a draft of a piece I was writing in 2003 before something happened and I couldn't continue. The truth therein is still as true today as then, given the crisis PDP is plunging our country. I wish I had finished the piece then:
“On the role of AIG Rapheal Ige, Ngige noted that he saw Ige at about 2.30pm at the residence of Uba in Enugu drinking palmwine and wearing mufti on the Tuesday preceding his arrest last Thursday.
According to him, "as I came out of the residence of Uba, I noticed the official vehicle of the AIG and I asked Uba if the AIG was there. He replied yes and I asked why he didn't allow me to greet him and he told me that the AIG was in another sitting room. I went to see him and both of them saw me off to my car."
-This Day Newspapers 20/07/03

Only in Nigeria will you watch politicians do a macabre dance with gusto! Only in Nigeria will you see politicians (albeit one under investigations for corruption, murder et al) hobnob with senior police officer with reckless abandon. Tell me what should an assistant inspector general of police be doing at the residence of Uba wearing mufti, drinking palmwine at 2.30 pm on a working day. Arresting palmy? Your guess is as good as mine. Do we need to look far in searching for the low productivity? Nigeria is in a vice grip. The grip of politicians who are high on palm wine.

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